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About me

About me

I’m a Graphic Designer with a Diploma in Multimedia design with over 10 years’ experience in the print and design industry, gaining experience in the following printing processes eg; Flexographic Printing, Digital Printing, Litho Printing. Recently I have learnt a lot about the corporate world with projects like Annual Reports, templates and graphics for presentations.

I’m also skilled in web design & online marketing tools. I have increased in skill level using WordPress and coding with Html 5 and CSS 3 and I have recently completed my certificate in Web Design and UX Design with UCT / Get smarter.

I’m currently busy refining my skills with Javascript and keep on acquiring new skills on a continuous basis. In my current role, I have gained further experience in the field of web design and development, whilst creating and maintaining websites for the company and their clients. Not only am I passionate about design, but I also acknowledge the importance of a good work ethic. Over the last years, I have worked with a large client base and successful companies, proving that I can easily interact and communicate with people allowing me to come up with creative solutions for their ideas.

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